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Games On Demand

Support for Windows, Apple & Android

Brand & Deliver Games The Way You Want To

Whether you are a retail portal, media business or broadband service provider, games provides a Value-Added Service that will increase overall revenues, reduce your churn rate, diversify your service and build a stronger online community.

Broadband Service

Our Games on Demand solution is an excellent Value-added Services for telcos and cablecos to increase overall ARPU and reduce churn on your broadband services.
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Content Aggregators & Distributors

Whether you plan to distribute a few games or a large library on your own portal or through affiliates and resellers, Yummy has products to help you monetize your content and fit your budget and business goals.
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Online Retailers
& Portals

Choose to sell game downloads, rent games or subscription packages on your website with our turnkey white-label solution.
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& Publishers

Distribute games and software on your own website by protecting and licensing them with GameShield or SoftwareShield. And distribute your content on Yummy's Network.
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BroadBand Service Providers

Games on Demand
for Broadband Service Providers

Broadband Service Providers worldwide are partnering with Yummy Interactive to offer their customers video games as a Value Added Service to their broadband services. Our Games on Demand solution provides telcos and cablecos with a games channel that can be plugged into multi-level broadband tiers to enhance their internet services.Yummy’s Games on Demand offers the lasting benefits of recurring revenues through ongoing monthly subscriptions that can be bundled according to a customers’ broadband tier, and white-labeled and integrated into a telco/cableco's existing billing and web infrastructure.Furthermore, with our new options of game rentals and electronic purchasing, in addition to subscription, users have even more reason to revisit and stay engaged in the service, which in turn helps BSPs reduce their broadband subscriber churn rate, and increase overall ARPU.

Features & Benefits

  • Games increase broadband customers’ retention rates and help migration of users upwards within broadband tiers.
  • Our fully managed Games on Demand service has excellent appeal to the family audience, with games for the entire family.
  • Game packages can be tiered to fit bandwidth speeds and download threshholds
  • Billing API specifically developed for telco environments integrates easily into pre-existing billing infrastructure and user registration/authentication systems.
  • Fully managed operations ensure ongoing service compatibility, seamless updates and regularly supplied new games.
  • Trials and free game packages and other win-back promotions can be extended to Channel Support teams to increase ARPU.
  • Games can be accessed and played directly from a website or through a desktop client, or both (using Yummy's Games Player).
  • Prepaid Card programs can include Games Bundles through our prepaid card API.
  • Scaleable and extendible architecture will “plug-in” easily to your web/server infrastructure.
  • Option for fully-hosted white-label solution.

Distribution Models

Choose How Your Customers Play Games

Rent? Subscribe? Buy? Why choose just one consumption model? Sell your game products according to your business strategy by selecting the distribution models that best suites your needs and your audience. Then let Yummy Interactive's products and services power your solution. With our full-range of applications, SDKS and back-office toolsets we will help you create a seamless, engaging game experience for your customers.

Each of our products provides flexible and customizable options to support multiple business models that can be realized independently or side-by-side as part of your game service.

The power of Yummy’s digital distribution solutions are in their versatility. Choose which revenue models fit your business plan and we will help you implement them.

Purchaseable Downloads

Offer full-purchase downloads. Protect, license and manage game downloads with GameShield. Our product support Buy-to-Own (ESD), Try-Before-You-Buy (trial to purchase) and other event-based billing models with innovative licensing tools.

Subscription/Games on Demand

Offer "all-you-can-eat" games! With Games on Demand subscriptions customers can access game packages and play games whenever and wherever they want. Bundle your games, or Yummy's pre-licensed games to into packages tailored to gamers and mass-market. The Yummy Games platform supports subscription and comes with all the necessary back-office tools and user management to fully integrate with your service in the way you want


Much like a video-rental store, customers can select the games they want to play and rent. Offer limited time play of games. For example a customer can rent popular games for 3 or 5 days, with upsell messaging to purchase the full version or subscribe to a game package.


Offer incremental and value-added content such as bonus levels, assets, credits or game tokens.

Demos & Betas

Offer preview trials, betas and demos per game or per subscription to get user feedback and increase conversions and sales.

Ad-Supported or Free Play

Offer free content supported by advertising. Yummy's products support media-rich format around-game, pre- and post-launch ads, which can be integrated into your solution.

Online Retailers & Portals

Game Store Solutions for Online Sellers

Yummy provides content aggregators, online retailers and destination portals with turnkey, cost-effective solutions and simple ways to sell games off of their existing website, or to help them launch an "end-to-end" games portal. With our core products GameShield and Yummy Games Quick Launch online sellers can:

Features & Benefits

  • White-label downloads to your brand
  • Offer multiple business models such as: full-purchase downloads, try-before-you-buy, subscription, rentals and more
  • Game packages can be tiered to fit bandwidth speeds and download threshholds
  • Select a turnkey "out of the box" deployment or fully customizeable one to fit your needs
  • Distribute your own licensed content, or include our catalog of over thousand games
  • Easily plug-in your choice of e-commerce services, social media and advertising tools, or use one of our preferred partners or plug-ins.
  • Dynamically deliver special offers, advertising, extra DLC content and game annoucements before, during and after your customer's purchase experience.
  • Engage your community or shoppers in sharing games with friends with viral distribution tools (such as "send-to-a-friend" trial offers) and retainment tools such as achievement points, leaderboard and user-related content.
  • Get real-time reporting to monitor ongoing sales, usage, and user interactions

Developers & Publishers

Monetization Solutions

Yummy's core products and services offer publishers and developers both a direct means to sell their games online, and also through Yummy's growing network of channel partners, which include Broadband Service Providers and content aggregators worldwide.

Sell Direct-to-Consumer

As a publisher you can sell games and software directly to your customers and package them for resellers using Yummy's GameShield and SoftwareShield products. Our Shield provides licensing and protection tools and the means for you to sell your products online or in brick-and-mortar outlets. And with new features such as instantaeous in-game purchase and activation to optimize your trial conversions, and dynamic DLC messaging to communicate with your customers on an ongoing basis , it's easier than ever to sell your products.

  • Wrap Windows, Flash and Mac applications
  • Get GameShield/SoftwareShield and Plimus e-commerce platform for a "one-stop" solution for your web store.
  • Innovative license models to engage customers throughout your products' life-cycle
  • Powerful protection mechanisms to thwart piracy and inappropriate usage
  • Fully-hosted server for automated authentication and activation for simple, scaleable product management
  • Leading publishers and aggregators such as PopCap Games, Runic, Rockstar, Perfect World, Flycell, and Plimus use our products.

Distribute Your Games on Yummy's Network

Increase your revenues incrementally through online subscription and download. Yummy will protect and distribute your games without any hassles, hidden costs or requirements, and we will extend your content to our channel partners throughout North America, Europe and Central America. Please talk to us about partnership opportunities and licensing your content for our fast-growing network.