Brand & Deliver Games The Way You Want To

Yummy Games Quick Launch offers a complete Games on Demand service platform. You can choose to implement our fully-hosted white-label solution, or customize it entirely to suite your needs. Either way, Yummy Games Quick Launch will enable you to engage in digital distribution and provide a game service tailored to fit your audience. Yummy Games Quick Launch supports multiple game offers including: subscriptions, full purchase downloads, time-limited rentals and much more.

Key Features

The Yummy Games Quick Launch platform is modular and provides you an extremely versatile, scaleable toolset that can be integrated into your existing infrastructure so that you can self-manage the service, or you can choose for us manage everything for you, with our hosted white-label solution.

Yummy Games includes all the components for an end-to-end online solution.


The website provides all catalog data, game discovery tools and web services to present users all offers, games and services.

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Games Player

The fullPlayer lets users play via their web browser or via their desktop. It's the window of access to shop, download, and launch their games. It also manages automatic updates for games, patches and more.

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Games Catalog

The catalog includes over 1300 fully licensed games to appeal to a mass market audience. Games are all quality tested and compatible with the latest Windows OS and 64 bit PCs.

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Our progressive streaming technology gets users playing sooner, as they can start playing a game, before it has fully downloaded.

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Management Tools

Our back-office toolset is modular and manages registration, account management, security, offer management (buy, subscribe, download), advertising, real-time reporting, and other database driven management.

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Content Security

Game executables are wrapped and protected with Yummy’s GameShield and data is encrypted alongside of session-based authentication and IP detection for user account access.

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Value-Add Features >>

Can be included for ongoing and event-based promotions, marketing and community engagement and include features such as:

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  • Community features (high score leaderboards, achievement points)
  • Advertising support
  • Multi-lingual support (language toggling, catalog, database)
  • Parental controls
  • Cloud computing (games can be saved to the Cloud for portable game saves)


Yummy Games Quick Launch Website provides a full website in support of the game service including all content and catalog pages about the games, the offers and user account management and support. All web pages can be designed and white-labeled to match your brand.

Account Registration & Management Pages

Pages to enable account registration, login, management, new accounts, change usernames and passwords, login etc.

Catalog Pages With Discoverability Tools

Including search , filters (grouped by publisher, genre, ratings, coming soon, recommendations etc.)

User's Game Pages

Displaying and organizing the User's interactions and purchases. For example the user's leaderboards, achievemnets, played/saved games (My Games) , purchased games and more.

Support Pages

Detailed support pages covering all aspects of the service including Billing, Account Management, Downloading games

Games Player

Yummy’s Games Player is an application for managing the game service. This client application is a "play center" which makes it easy for customers to find, shop, subscribe, download, and play their games from a single application, with a simple interface and simple "click-2-run" mechanisms. The Games Player is dynamic and easy to update and can be easily white-labeled in support of your brand and your shopping experience.

Desktop Player

Fully skinnable auto-updating desktop client for PC and Mac. Download and Play Games, Browse the catalog, View High Scores, unlock Achievements.

  • Easily Localizable
  • Auto Updates itself and Games
  • Manage downloads - Queue, Play , Uninstall

Launch Games From Your Browser

Launched directly from your website, for a seamless experience. Supports all major browsers on PC and Mac

  • Cross Platform
  • Pre & Post Game Adverstising
  • Start Downloads from your phone. (Coming Soon)

Games Catalog

Yummy Interactive has licensed over 1300 video games from leading publishers worldwide. We include games from our catalog with deployments of our Yummy Games Quick Launch product. With games that have mass market appeal you your game service will have games for everyone, no matter their age or interest.

Our product catalog pages include extensive meta data elements. Our game details pages include game descriptions, boxshots, screenshots, video trailers, manuals, system requirements etc. It can optionally also include user-ratings and reviews. Search tools and filters for ESRB, OS, language and more are also available.


  • 21-6 Productions is an independent game developer and publisher of Tube Twist.
  • 1C Company was founded in 1991 and has produced a strong line of successful games. As a game publisher, developer and distributor, 1C has reached mass audiences all over the world and continues to expand. Some of 1C's hit titles include GM Rally and Necrovision.
  • Absolutist Ltd. is a game developer and publisher in the Ukraine. Absolutist publishs a variety of arcade and casual game titles.
  • Alawar Entertainment has specialized in the development, publication and distribution of casual games since 1999. The company has published more than 150 titles, won fans all over the world and is the biggest casual games provider in Eastern Europe. Titles include popular game series such as Snowy the Bear, Farm Frenzy and Magic Ball.

    © 2009 Alawar Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Alawar Entertainment, the Alawar logo, and characters are trademarks of Alawar Entertainment.
  • Anumun Interactive is a leading French publisher and developer of video games and interactive entertainment products. Established in 2000, the company has a dedicated team that creates, publishes and develops high quality games and products such as HdO Adventure, For Dummies, on multiple platforms with worldwide distribution.
  • Ascaron Entertainment is one of the leading European “boutique” developers and publishers of games for the PC, with many successful titles including Patrician, Port Royale, and the Sacred action-RPG series.
  • Atari is part of the Infogrames Entertainment group and is one of the world's leading publishers and distributors of video games. Popular Atari games include their classic arcade games such as Pong, Asteroids, Missle Command among others, and popular PC games such as Test Drive, RollerCoaster Tycoon, NeverWinter Nights, The Witcher and many more.

    © 2009 Atari. All Rights Reserved. Atari and the Atari logo are trademarks of Infogrames Entertainment SA.
  • Avalanche Team is an independent interactive entertainment software company that has published AirHockey 3D.
  • Awem Studio is an independent game studio founded in 2002. Their sole mission is to create high quality casual games for both the PC and Mac. Their recognized catalog include titles such as, Cradle of Persia, Romance of Rome and the Star Defender series.
  • Big Top Games created original and brand-based games including Tiki Boom Boom and Bugged Out.
  • Brighter Minds is a private educational publisher dedicated to improving learning for children aged 3 to 12. They have been publishing award winning software and print materials since 1998. Brighter Minds translated into over 15 different languages and published in 25+ countries. Games include popular children's properties such as Caillou and Bob the Builder.
  • Cartel Games is an independent game studio that has published Mythic Blades.
  • cdv Software Entertainment USA is the wholly-owned subsidiary of cdv Software Entertainment AG (headquarters in Germany) and is part of the newly established cdv Software Entertainment Group.

    cdv Software Entertainment USA has been publishing critically-acclaimed titles in North America since the year 2000, including: Blitzkreig series, Cossacks series, City Life and more. cdv Software Entertainment USA acts first and foremost as champion and steward for publishing partners' titles in North America.
  • Established in October 2006, the St. Catharines, Ontario-based Cerebral Vortex Games is a developer of games for casual audiences.
  • Publisher of popular award-winning puzzle games such as Triptych, Kingdom Elemental, Bridge Construction Set and Gish, Chronic Logic has specialized in producing puzzle games for bridge building enthusiasts and independent gamers alike.
  • CTXM presents casual games with superb graphics. Their games include Archipelago and Totem Quest.
  • Digi Ronin Games, (Digi Ronin), is a game development studio providing casual games to the market.
  • Divo Games is a game developer and publisher of arcade games such as AirStrike I and AirStrike II.
  • DreamCatcher is a division of European publisher JoWooD Group. As a publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment for both core gamers and the mass-market audience titles include Aura, PainKiller series, Gothic series and many others.
  • Eidos is one of the largest video games publishers in the UK and publisher of popular game properties such as Lara Croft's Tomb Raider, Hitman, Deus Ex, and BattleStations: Midway among others.
  • Fallen Earth, LLC is dedicated to the production and exploitation of the independently produced and published, massively multiplayer online game ("MMOG"), Fallen Earth. Fallen Earth is co-developed with Icarus Studios and is being developed for the PC.
  • Known for the diversity, quality and originality of its catalogue, Focus Home Interactive is a French publishing and distribution company whose many PC licences such as Cossacks and Sudden Strike have been sold in hundreds of thousands units throughout France. Focus have also discovered and released many original titles that have become true references such as the adventure game Runaway, the renowned Cycling Manager and the much-loved TrackMania.
  • FreshGames® launched its first title Cubis® in late 2002 to rave reviews and has been played online and downloaded by millions of people all over the world. Follow-up titles include Word Mojo™, FreakOut™, Cubis® 2, ZenGems®, and Ranch Rush™.

    © 2009 Fresh Games. All Rights Reserved.
  • Fresh from their experience in the mobile gaming field, the founders of Freeze Tag decided to focus all of their efforts on building games that can be enjoyed by everyone anywhere. Freeze Tag has published popular titles such as: Concentration, Etch-a-Sketch and Can You See What I See?
  • Funkitron is known for creating high-quality, fun games that appeal to a broad audience and can be distributed digitally via online networks. The company has had much success with hits such as Poker Superstars II™ and Slingo® Quest.
  • Gamezebo is an online community portal for casual games on the Internet. GameZebo feature reviews, tips, news, and videos of the latest and greatest in casual games.
  • Greenstreet Games is a publishing brand name for Greenstreet Software Ltd., a leading global software supplier. Greenstreet provides a wide variety of games include card, arcade and puzzle titles.
  • Groove Games has published a number of Shooter games including Marine Sharpshooter series and World War II Combat: Iwo Jima.
  • HipSoft is a leader in creating casual games with downloadable content, as well as innovative feature that allows players to add their own game content using our built-in editors. HipSoft is the publisher of the popular Build-a-Lot games.
  • Idigicon is one of UK's leading publisher of software. This organization was founded in 1985 and has a diverse portfolio of arcade and educational games which includes titles such as Showcase Pool and Mahjong Deluxe.
  • iWin, Inc is a leading online developer, publisher and distributor of casual games for the mass market. iWin has produced more than 90 games including hit games such as Jewel Quest and Jojo's Fashion Show.
  • Kalypso Media was founded in 2006 and is primarily a computer game publisher. Their business philosophy has lead them to publishing top notch games such as Imperium Romanum and Tropico 3. As this company continues to come out with popular titles, Kalypso will undoubtedly win loyal fans from around the world.
  • Kozmo Games is a game developer as well as a game publisher that was founded in 2004. The company's dedication in creating entertaining games has lead to popular titles such as Ice Cream Tycoon and War Chess.
  • Based in San Francisco, Last Day of Work is an independent game studio specializing in sophisticated casual games. Last Day of Work's portfolio include the Virtual Villager series, Plant Tycoon and Fish Tycoon.
  • Legacy Interactive® has been entertaining its audience since 1998. As a leading developer and publisher in the casual game industry, Legacy Interactive is the home of RealLife Games® and Hollywood Hits. Their games are distributed worldwide and include popular titles such as The Apprentice and Zoo Vets.
  • Max Gaming is a game developer that produces games on multiplatforms which include the PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone and the XBOX 360. Based in Ohio, the team created games such as Hack It and Dark Horizons: Lore.
  • Meridian4 is an interactive software publisher located in Montreal, Canada. Merdian4 has published popular games such as the Ship Simulator series, Bus Driver, Hard Truck Apocalypse, Pacific Storm and the RIP series among many others.
  • Merscom is a global publisher of mass market games and sustains a prominent portfolio with titles such as Righteous Kill, Herod's Lost Tomb, Create a Mall and many more. Merscom continues to launch top casual games that distributes through multiple channels which include social networks and Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade.
  • Microïds is one of the world leaders when it comes to the adventure games segment. As a game producer and publisher, the Microïds team continues to share intentional best sellers such as Necronomicon and Cameron Files: Secret at Loch Ness.
  • Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd. is a international publisher of video games from the UK. They have a variety of different games which include hits such as Stealh Force 2 and Golden Age of Racing.
  • Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Mumbo Jumbo is a worldwide developer and publisher of premium casual games. Found in 2001, Mumbo Jumbo's portfolio boast popular titles such as the Luxor series.
  • Known worldwide for its classic titles such as, PAC-MAN and DIG DUG, Namco Networks is leading publisher and developers of many recognized titles. Building on their history of success, Namco continues to bring quality and unique games for their audience. Namco Networks is a subsidiary of Namco-Bandai Holdings (USA) Inc., a world leader in the high-tech entertainment industry.
  • Nurium Games develops a range of fun and accessible games such as BreakQuest.
  • Headquartered in France, OUAT Entertainment creates, designs and publishes top quality casual video games. Their audience are encouraged to play at their own pace as each game offers a unique experience. OUAT Entertainment boast a strong line of games which include the Miss Teri Tale series.
  • Petroglyph Games is an independent development studio creating fast paced Real-Time Strategy and Simulation, to compelling Action and Adventure games.
  • Phoenix Games (Holland) B.V. is a leading European publisher for value priced games that include a variety of sports and arcade titles.
  • PlayFirst is an innovative entertainment company that makes games appealing to everyone. The company’s portfolio includes world-renowned titles, such as Diner Dash®, Wedding Dash™, Chocolatier™, and Dream Chronicles™.

    © 2009 PlayFirst, Inc. All Rights Reserved. PlayFirst, the PlayFirst logo, and the PlayFirst characters are trademarks of PlayFirst, Inc., or its suppliers in the United States and other countries.
  • Founded in 2004, Playrix Entertainment has become known as a leading casual games developer and publisher. The team behind such hits as The Rise of Atlantis™, Fishdom™, 4 Elements™, Call of Atlantis™, etc. is steadily stepping up production creating new compelling games and engaging gaming experiences.
  • PopCap is a renowned leading developer and publisher for casual games. Responsible for one of the most recognized casual games in history, Bejeweled, PopCap continues to add outstanding titles to their portfolio such as Plants vs Zombies and Chuzzle.

    © 2009 PopCap Games Inc. All Rights Reserved. PopCap, the PopCap logo, and the PopCap characters are trademarks of PopCap Games Inc.
  • Reflexive Entertainment was founded in 1997 with one goal in mind - to make great games. They have dedicated themselves to this for the past 8 years they made great progress. The critical and financial success of Ricochet prompted Reflexive to focus more attention on the Internet space as the best way to reach a large audience of gamers.
  • Sandlot Games® boasts a captivating portfolio of popular game titles and franchises including Cake Mania®, Glyph®, Super Granny®, Tradewinds® and Westward®. Sandlot Games reaches millions of game players worldwide through a variety of distribution channels including online, PC, PDA’s, handhelds, videogame consoles and mobile phones.
  • Based in the UK, Simply Software is a publisher and distributor of a variety of interactive software. These titles include games such as Baseball Manager and many more.
  • Strategy First is a leading worldwide developer and publisher of entertainment software. Founded in 1990, the company continues to grow rapidly and has expanded from a small team of a dozen employees to a team with over 40 talented programmers, artists and marketing representatives spread over 2 offices in Montreal and London, England.
  • Telltale Inc. delivers Tales for Your Imagination - high caliber, cinematic, interactive entertainment for all ages - featuring engaging stories, strong characters, and rich immersive worlds.
  • Headquartered in San Mateo, California, TikGames was founded in 2002 and is a leading development studios. TikiGames develops a broad range of top quality game titles which include game titles such as Fugu Blow Fish and Cinema Tycoon 2.
  • Toybox Games, founded in 1999, is an interactive entertainment development studio. The company has built a strong reputation and has a game catalog of many games such as Santa's Super Friends. Toybox Games continues to develop quality games to satisfy the gaming audience.
  • Founded in 1986 in France, Ubisoft is now present on every continent, both through offices in 21 different countries including the United States, Canada, Germany and China and through sales of products in over 50 countries. The group is dedicated to delivering high-quality, cutting-edge video game titles to consumers around the world. Ubisoft is an international producer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products such as Assassin's Creed and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell among many others.

    © 2009 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
  • ValuSoft is a leading global publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and productivity software. As a division of THQ Inc, ValuSoft has made an impact on the casual game world by having popular titles such as the Hot Dish series. ValuSoft continues to be a dynamic factor within this industry and has been recognized as one of the top software publishers in the US.
  • Viva Media is a privately owned company dedicated in publishing a wide variety of interactive content. Viva Media has a collection of over 100 titles which include games such as Crazy Machines, My Sim Aquarium and many more.
  • is a privately held development company founded in 1998. With over ten years of experience, specializes in creating innovative military strategy games and has created recognized titles such as, Massive Assault.
  • Xing Interactive C.V., a Dutch publisher of interactive entertainment software is held by Xing International Holdings, Ltd., a U.K. based holding company for a number of different enterprises. The activities of the company comprise of software publishing and distribution, along with other retail and service enterprises.

Progressive Streaming

Play games while downloading

Unique to Yummy Games Quick Launch is its streaming technology which circumvents the need for end-users to download an entire game before starting game-play. End-users can start playing a game with only a small portion of the content downloaded, while the game continues to install in the background. In turn, this optimizes the broadband connection. Yummy's Streaming significantly speeds up delivery of game downloads by up to 90%. With our streaming technology, download wait times are optimized, especially for DVD PC games (with large file sizes).

Consumers can also start to enjoy their purchased game before it is fully downloaded! In general, only 10% of the game needs to be initially buffered, in order for the end-user to start playing. They can start to play a game while it continues to download in the background!


Branding and promotions of your service are supported by a variety of tools powered by Yummy's products. Offer promotions such as free trial periods, gift coupons, and prepaid cards to promote and market your game service. Support web advertising including banner ads, video trailers, Flash and other rich-media within our Yummy Games web pages and Player applications. Yummy Games Quick Launch and GameShield wrapped games can also be white-labeled according to your brand strategy.

Promotional Services

Yummy provides a series of web services groupings that can be integrated into web pages and advertising that will dynamically serve up catalog information. These can be arbitrary groupings as well. Spotlight selected content such as:

  • New Releases
  • Most Played (e.g. Top 10)
  • Recommendations/Featured games
  • Top User-Rated
  • Top in Genre
  • Publisher
  • Multiplayer
  • Coming Soon

Advertising Support

Marketing messaging and advertising can be added into game delivery prior to launch and upon exit of a game or through the Yummy Games Player. Upsell messaging could include advertising of other game products, social marketing (send-to-a-friend campaigns) or even in-game contest messaging (sweepstakes), and 3rd party advertising inventory and more. Yummy Games can be integrated, and may call to, any number of third party ad-servers in order to display and manage highly targeted advertising inventory. To aid in the targeting of advertising inventory, the technology can identify IP address of users.

Advertising Support

The Yummy Games Player and web pages supports all forms of web advertising including banner ads, video trailers, Flash and other rich-media and can be served up dynamically throughout the website.

Ad-supported games

Around game ads (pre- and post-launch) can be added to game purchase downloads, TBYB and subscription games for free-ad supported offers and more.

Special Offers/Trial Accounts

Our products support trial periods ranging from hours to days can be included to help promote your service and gain new customers.

Prepaid Cards API

Offer physical and virtual prepaid cards to extend your retail presence. Generate, activate, deactivate and redeem prepaid cards. Our API supports a selection of card types for the various retail environments or gift coupons.

Customized Game Packages/Bundling

Because of the depth of Yummy’s licensed catalog, unique game packages are easily grouped and created. For example partners can group games and create packages tailored to their audience such as a “kids pack”, arcade pack, [specific genre] pack (e.g. Puzzle Pack). Or games can be bundled according to subject matter or publisher (e.g. a series such as Bejeweled 1, 2, Bejeweled Twist or CakeMania 1, 2, 3). This ability to dynamically create game packages provides the ability to create bundled offers and experiment with releasing multiple content offers over multiple portals.

Media Storage (CD, USB keys, Printed materials)

Should CDs or physical promotional materials need to be distributed, Yummy can pre-generate activation codes for game downloads or subscription packages that can be included with media storage devices or on printed on electronically distributed materials.

Loyalty Points/Achievement System

Points can be accrued by users through gameplay, purchase and other participation in the service. Presently an achievement points system is based on scores achieved with select games. Points can also be easily rewarded for length of time played on a specific game in the catalog, the entire catalog, or the user’s unique interactions with content (for example a sequence can be set in which a user must play a set of games in order to achieve a specific reward or prize).

Yummy Marketing Support

Yummy is happy to work with our partners in promoting the content and Games on Demand solutions you launch with us. Promotions can include special CD giveaways, feature advertising, special promotional game bundles for subscribers, white-label and branded software, and much more. To learn more about how Yummy can support your promotional efforts contact us.


Achievement System

Points can be accrued by users through gameplay, purchase and other participation in the service. Presently an achievement points system is based on scores achieved with select games.

Yummy Interactive works with its partners on an ongoing basis to continually evolve and improve the feature set resting on top of the games platform.

Social Media

Yummy Games platform can support plug-ins from social media sources such as Facebook, Twitter and more. Twitter and other apps are easily delivered into content pages. Our user account registration is currently integrated with Facebook Connect. Facebook Apps can imbed Yummy Games content and services, such as catalog pages and web services. Our Games Player can also serve up Flash content.


Yummy Games provides all of the necessary back-office tools, web service APIs and databases to deliver Games on Demand solutions. These modules are implemented as web services to allow for a flexible and customizable service that can easily be integrated by Yummy’s partners.

Yummy Games exposes a set of SOAP webservices to enable application-to-application. These interfaces with additional documentation, sample code, and development tools and utilities are provided to our partners.

Product Catalog

  • Defines and lists SKUs for purchase, subscription or rental.
  • Stores all your product information (meta data): pricing, game description, screenshots, rental/purchase durations, game ratings (ESRB, PEGI), trailers etc.

Management Portal

  • Allows access to back-end system reports such as usage, current activity and revenue.
  • Provides Product Support services tailored to your needs, detailing escalation procedures between the partner Support Staff and Yummy.

Billing Management

  • Allows you to choose a full turn-key solution to your merchant account/billing system.
  • Reconciles transactions daily and performs monthly audits.
  • Supports 3rd party ecommerce platforms.

Games Player

  • Allows for "one-click" game installation and launch and uninstall functionality for end-users.
  • Downloads can be queued for launch.
  • End-User's System Checker is also included, which checks PC compatibility with each game.


  • Automatically serve up lists of the Most Popular games, New Releases, Featured games (eg. recommended picks), etc to spotlight your content.
  • Ad banner locations within in the Yummy Games application.
  • White-label user interface allows full customization and branding.
  • Free game-play Trials and Demos supported.
  • User-ratings option available to rate games in service.

User Account Management

  • Creates and manages customer account information (unique from your company's user information)
  • Verifies the user's identity through secure authentication with your company's database.
  • Facebook Connect plug-in supported.

Translation Tools

  • Online editor tools to support translation of the websitek, game catalog and descriptions into other languages. The Games Player and website supports display of multiple languages.

Prepaid Cards Support

  • Offer physical and virtual prepaid cards for retail outlets or for your own store promotions.
  • Generate, activate, deactivate and redeem prepaid cards.
  • Our API supports the card types such as Point-of-Sale Activated cards, pre-activated cards and virtual – inactive (printed on user’s receipt) and virtual –activated cards for the various retail environments for cards.